Parisian Taxi - Taxi Parisien :

Legal Paris Taxis are under the control of the Préfecture de Police of Paris and are members of the TAXI PARISIEN .

Paris and its suburbs have nearly 18,000 licensed taxis.

Taxis in Paris have lights on their roofs that indicate whether they are available. If the light is green the taxi is available, if the light is red the taxi is occupied.

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All Parisian taxis must have :

1.  An electronic time and date display showing the time the driver finishes working and the day of the year*, which is either fixed on the rear window shelf (on the right-hand-side of the vehicle, visible from outside), or integrated into the taximeter.

2.  An illuminated TAXI roof sign with 3 small lights underneath indicating the tariffs A, B and C.

3.  Inside the vehicle, a taximeter showing the rate applied and the amount of the fare.

4.  A small notice displayed on the left-hand-side rear window of the taxi with an extract of the regulations, tariffs applicable and the registration number of the vehicle.

5.  A black plate on the front right wing of the vehicle with the mention PARIS and the parking permit number.

In taxis The minimum fare for a journey is 6.60 euros, supplement included. A fourth passenger can be taken (supplement of 3 euros). 

Beware of anyone who comes up to you in the airport or street offering transport services: these may be illegal taxis (an offence punishable under the French Labour Code). These vehicles are not equipped with the mandatory accessories of official Parisian taxis (taxis parisiens) 

You can book your taxi online, many companies offering  online reservations, better to book your taxi in advance specially if you are going to the Paris airports : Roissy CDG, Orly or Beauvais. 

At the end of the journey, the taxi driver must provide a completed fare receipt if requested by the client or if the amount of the fare is equal to or above €25 inclusive of tax.


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