Note: Licensed taxis have a sign showing the words "Taxi parisien". If you are arranging scheduled transportation, make sure to verify that the company you are dealing with has the proper credentials.

It is not easy to find a taxi during the peak hours,  in Paris. Nothing like the yellow cabs in New York City! You are more likely to find them at taxi stands or on large avenues than on small dark street. 

Taxis don't have a common color or type, you can recognize them by the taxi sign on top of the car. If the light is green, that means the taxi is available, if it is red, that means the taxi is not available. There are several taxi companies that you can call: Paris Taxi, Les taxis bleus, Taxis G7. All taxis apply the same rates, which vary according to the time range and the day of the week. There is a starting charge of 2 euros and a minimum fare of 5.20 euros. You can tip the taxi driver, prhaps around 15 per cent of the amount. but if you don't, this would'nt be a problem.

Main Paris taxi services:

AbiTransport: Private economic cab service:  (English speaking, free quotation on demand)

Taxi Paris: 

Paris Taxi :

City Cab Paris :

Paris Maxi Cab : 

Les taxis bleus:

Taxis G7 :

Royal Cab :

Taxis 75 :

Paris Airport Shuttle:

Paris Taxi:

English speaking taxi : 

Economy  Cab Transfer service:

Book Taxi Paris (English speaking, wheelchair accessible taxi available)


Of course having a car is not a good idea in a major city like Paris. Parking is tight and expensive, traffic is heavy, and restrictions are plentiful. But for traveling out to the countryside, the suberbs, or visiting other parts of France, a car can be the best way to explore.

For the best prices reserve ahead from your home country. Never book a car without knowing the actual car rental company supplying the car! To compare prices easily on one website, visit a reputable car broker such as AutoEurope. They offer online booking possibility, live support and 24 hour hotline.

Paris has branches of all the car rental agencies active in France. Most of the companies have branches both downtown and at the airport. It is important to check the reputation of the car hire company especially those noted with (*) - some get many vigorous complaints. Use the search function on the TripAdvisor Forum for France or Paris to see what other travelers say.   The car hire companies available at Paris CDG Airport are:

  • Alamo (*)
  • Advantage (*)
  • Dollar (*)
  • Firefly (*)
  • Inter Rent (*)
  • Thrifty (*)
The official Paris CDG Airport website in English is Paris CDG Airport

Rental vehicle return  If you intend to drop-off your rental vehicle in Paris, allow a couple of hours driving time just to drive from the outskirts and into the city. The extra day charge for late return (Europcar defines this as being more than 29 minutes late) is over 100 Euros after the processing fee and tax are added.

Van drivers should avoid Gare de l'Est train station for vehicle drop off. When driving to the bottom of five basement levels, the top rear of an unloaded van may scrape the ceiling in the lower levels. If at all possible, insist on returning the van at basement level one where the hire offices are located at this station.