The rail system throughout Europe is absolutely brilliant. Trains offer a convenient, reliable (well, so long as there is not a tranit strike), and efficient way to get from one place to another in Europe. One of the first things you will want to check out when planning your trip is to take out Rail Europe. (Another place to try is SCNF, the main link to France's railway. However, a lot of people find their site difficult to navigate.) There are a number of rail passes available for your travels, whether you are traveling only throughout France or throughout the entire European continent. Whether you are traveling through the region for a couple of days or a couple of months, there is a rail pass for you.

Within Paris, the metro is the way to go. It provides fast and reliable service throughout the city. Bus service is also a reliable form of public transportation in Paris. Outside of the City of Lights, a number of smaller cities also have a reliable bus system, many of which provide service from the local rail station into the city proper.