Paris has been know for many years as a city of Jazz where many great American musicians came and got their start. You just need to see films like Round Midnight or Paris Blues or even Midnight in Paris to see how important jazz is in Paris.

However, it is clearly not so easy for travelers who are not afficiandos to discover the best clubs and obtain details, which are generally published in French, and would like to have an interesting and fun experience without too much work.

The left bank or "rive gauche" is where you will find most clubs and Caveau de la Huchette is the oldest. The building was built before 1551, and was at one time a secret lodge, so the cellar ambiance of the club could not be a better backdrop to great nightly Jazz sessions.

The Lionel Hampton Jazz Club has also played host to some legendary artists, including Mr. Hampton!

Slow Club is another jazz venue known all over Europe.