The main airport on the island of Corsica is the Campo dell’Oro Airport of Ajaccio, which is the main hub for the regional airline of CCM Airlines, which operates mostly in Corsica and the south of France. Flights from this airport mainly fly around the island or to French cities such as Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Paris and Toulouse, though there are also a few that go to Italy. The best places to make a transfer if you are coming from outside of the European Union would be Paris and Rome, both of which have international flights to all other continents. Otherwise, try to find a flight to Marseille or Nice, both of which have large airports. Flight time to Corsica is less than an hour.

You can also get to Corsica from the south of France or Italy via ferry, of which there are many. Marseille, Toulon and Nice in France all have ferries that serve various cities on Corsica, as do the Italian cities of Savona, Genoa, and even Venice.

If you arrive in the north of Corsica and want to drive south into Ajaccio, make sure to leave a lot of free time in your schedule. Though there are roads connecting all the major cities, sometimes these roads are quite narrow and lead through mountainous terrain, which will make driving quite stressful. If you are traveling during the summer, a bus to Ajaccio should not be hard to find. Bus schedules are sometimes erratic, however, so check at the local tourism office or a travel agency after arrival. Air taxis and railroads are also viable options.