Orleans is a year round destination with four seasons. The summers are hot, the fall is beautiful, winter is charming, and spring brings green grass, flowers, and the beginning of the new wine season. Located not too far south from Paris and in the Loire Valley, weather in Orleans is very temperate. Winters are extremely mild and snow is rare.

Late spring and summer see warm temperatures in Orleans; June through  August regularly sees temperatures in the 80s and 90s. This is the tourist high season as people from around the world travel to France and want their chance of exploring the Lorie. Many festivals are also occurring during the summer months. But, if you can wait until the fall it is also a superb time to visit. Less tourists can allow you to take more time and discover on your own, temperatures have also cooled from the sometimes hot and sticky summer weather.

Yet, summer is still ideal if you want to make it so the city's beloved festival, the Festival de la Loire in mid-September. Traditional music concerts and artistic performances from stage to street, modern to Medieval energize the city with color, sound, and happiness. A boat showcase is another of the festival's major highlight along with the demonstration of the construction of boats; visitors get to appreciate old and new designs of all types of boats from large to kayak.