Many travelers head to Beaune during the summer, but the most popular of all events in the area actually takes place late in the year.   (More information about tourist season is available online at .)   This event, Les Trois Glourieuses, celebrates the heart of the wine harvesting season which is of critical importance to the tourism industry of Beaune.   The event is a three-day event during which the wine flows freely.   There are discounted rates on exploration of the caves and wine cellars which are the most popular attractions in Beaune.   There are also parties going on all throughout Beaune, some of which are members-only, but many of which flow out in to the streets.   Travelers will not only enjoy the festivities but can also be glad to know that they are contributing to charity by giving money to this event, as a portion of the proceeds go to support the Hospices which provide emergency services to the needy.   More information about the event is available online at .

Les Trois Glourieuses takes place on the third weekend of November, and although the area is not particularly cold yet at that time, it marks the beginning of the winter season.  Following this event are the more traditional international holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve) which are all widely celebrated in the area.