While car rental is really the best choice for seeing Burgundy and France, the country's public transportation system is modern and efficient and Burgundy itself has been cited as having the best public transportation in the country. Bus service is well-maintained and will take you just about anywhere.

A bus pass can be purchased in the event that your stay is a prolonged one, giving you unlimited passage. The day bus stops running at 8 pm, however, and a night bus runs from this time until midnight, with limited route. One-ride tickets will be time-stamped, giving you an hour in which to ride the bus, or you can purchase a visitor's day pass.

If you prefer, you can hire the traditional taxi or a chauffered limousine and travel in style. Taxis can be appropriated near train stations by approaching the street islands and lining up in a queue with other travelers and waiting your turn. Typically, you should not try to flag a taxi down, as traffic in France is fast and furious, and you may end up like a bug on a windshield. Fares are rather expensive, but if you have a lot of luggage with you, a taxi is more convenient than walking or taking the bus.

Consider embarking on a barge cruise and floating through Burgundy on its man-made canals. In particular, booking a cruise will take care of everything from accomodations to visiting Burgundy's most popular and memorable sites.