Ireland is currently a very safe place for tourists to visit. There have been no recent terrorist activities in the country and the United States government has not issued any sort of travel advisory in the recent past.

Another good source for travel advisories or warnings is the Center for Disease Control, which has also not stated any problems associated with travel to Ireland.

There was a peace agreement that went into effect in Northern Ireland in 1998, but there is still occasionally some violence there, but this should not affect travelers in Killarney.

As with most large cities around the world, there is increased rate of petty crime in Killarney’s tourist areas. These types of crimes consist of pick pocketing and purse snatching. Tourists should remain smart during their visit to Killarney and not carry too much cash and also remember to not carry a wallet in a back pocket.

If any sort of incident should happen to a tourist while visiting Killarney, make sure to report it to the local Gardaí (police).  Stolen passports should be reported to the nearest national embassy of the individual concerned.