Scotland, in general, is a safe place to visit. If you are in the Highlands, you will find that the people living there are very friendly and like to joke around. Though you might feel uncomfortable if some of the locals start giving you a hard time, they are most likely just doing it for a joke. If you are in a bigger town or city like Iverness or Skye, you should keep an eye on your things as a general precaution. Don't leave your wallet out on a table, and never leave your valuables behind in your room. Don't just leave your camera slung around your neck. You should always have your passport on you no matter where you are. It's good to have some cash on you, but don't walk around with too much at one time. If you ever do get into any trouble, you can contact the police department, and if it's a very serious matter, you should get in touch with the United States Embassy. Remember, the locals are there trying to make you enjoy your stay. You don't have to assume that everyone is a suspect, especially in a small town. As is the case in most places, people go about their daily lives and usually won't pay much attention to you unless you draw it on yourself.