Think any visitor to Glasgow should make a point of travelling on the city's "quirky" underground, the third oldest in the world. Many of Glasgow's attractions are within walking distance of a station. Although modernised in the late 1970.s it is currently going under a further upgrade. During the upgrade you can get an all day ticket for the subway for £2.60 for adults and £1.30 for children. The ticket upgrade should be complete by September when a new oyster type smart card will be introduced called "bramble" which will allow customers to pre load cash onto the card and they can use it as and when required.

Advice from locals: try to get tickets from the machines at stations as the staff can be sullenly indifferent and less than helpful even though there always seem to be a lot of them. The upgrades are improving the stations and the trains have had a paint job, bu there is a lack of access along the carriage to the simple route and station map.

The "announcements" may be barely audible and, when they are, they are almost unintelligible. Perhaps that is all still to be "upgraded" to 21st century standards? So, dear tourist, do take a trip on Glasgow's "clockwork orange" if it suits your needs - perhaps get off at Shields Road for the amazing Charles Rennie Mackintosh Scotland Street School museum - but check before you get in when you need to get off as it may be difficult to see maps when you are on board. At least with only one line to consider you need not worry about changeing lines.