The nearby town of Canterbury, made famous by Chaucer, is home to numerous museums and attractions. But many visitors to Dover tend to overlook that the town is a mere 15 miles away! In fact a visit to the Kent area of Dover wouldn’t be complete without heading up to Canterbury for a daylong excursion. In Medieval times the Archbishop of Canterbury was one of the most important religious figures in England, and the city is home to a large cathedral.

Likewise, the city is home to the renowned Roman Museum, which as been built almost entirely around an excavated Roman complex that is under the Longmarket Shopping Centre. This site is home to the old Roman era town of Durovernum Cantiacorum, on which modern day Canterbury is built! From the museum you can get a look at the ruins of the town and see numerous collections of artifacts from the era.

The nearby gatehouse from the Middle Ages is one of England’s best surviving examples of city fortifications. It includes a guard chamber, murder holes and a city walls display, along with numerous pieces of arms and armor from the Wars of the Roses and the later English Civil War.