Where is the Waterside you may ask? It's not on the map but all those who live there know it as such.

 It's the area from Eling/Marchwood right down to Calshot on the western side of Southampton water.

 Eling has the tide Mill well worth a visit.

Hythe has a great Marina with a couple of great restaurants + there is an annual raft race & of course the Hythe Ferry, a great way to come across from Southampton. Hythe is where Sir Christopher Cockerill lived the inventor of the Hovercraft and where Lawrence (of Arabia) fame was involved with early powerboats. Hythe has a great small and compact village centre. Good place to view cruise ships from. Best place to see the view is Seashells on their balcony with a cuppa.

Fawley is home to the refinery which pumps fuel underground to Gatwick and Heathrow and produces a good percentage of vehicle fuel and other products. It also has a power station with a 200 metre chimney near the corner of Southampton Water and the Solent which is a landmark for sailors throughout the eastern Solent. Ashlett Creek is a quaint tidal creek with a pub and its own sailing club.

Calshot which used to be home for many RAF developments and has quite a history going back to the Sopwith Camel, flying boats and the Schneider trophy is a great beach (not sandy) to see the Solent and the Cruise ships. At the point there is Calshot activity centre run by Hampshire County Council and Calshot Castle, and on the way out is the Bluebird Cafe with excellent all-day breakfasts during the Summer.

Across the other side of the main road that stretches down the Waterside is of course the New Forest with ponies roaming free. What more could you want Sea, open spaces and pubs and coffee shops for an interesting day out.