Visitors generally opt to rent cars for travel in the Cape Cod area (see for more information); however many people do opt to make use of the public transportation system in Cape Cod.  For some people, this is because they have opted not to rent a car and need another means of getting around.  For others, public transportation is used to supplement the rental car, particularly when traveling to high-tourist areas where driving and parking may be a hassle.  Whatever the reason, public transportation IS used by a great number of people in the Cape Cod area who find it to be a convenient and inexpensive means of getting around.

The main mode of public transportation is the bus, but there are also city shuttles running through town which are used by many tourists.   Both of these public transportation options are operated by the Regional Transit Authority.   The bus costs only $1 per ride, with a senior discount of fifty percent.   There are summer day passes available for unlimited one day rides at a cost of $3 and there are also multi-fare passes through which guests can get twenty rides for only $15.   Both of these options are available to tourists as well as locals.   More information on fares and routes of the bus and the shuttles in Cape Cod is available at .