Books for Cape Cod travelers:

  • “A Book of Cape Cod Houses” by Doris Doane and Howard L. Rich is a guide for Cape Cod visitors who are interested in the local residential architecture of the area. .
  • “Cape Cod and the National Seashore: A Photographic Essay by Charles Fields” is a pictorial exploration of the area. .
  • “Cape Cod” by William Martin is a story about two different Pilgrim families and their experiences in the area.  This book gives visitors historical insight about Cape Cod as well as reader-friendly information about the nature of the area. .
  • “Frommer’s Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard” by Laura M. Reckford is a must-have travel guide for Cape Cod visitors who are likely to be interested in taking day trips away from the area. .
  • “Paddling Cape Cod: A Coastal Explorer’s Guide” by Shirley and Fred Bull, Phyllis Evenden and Nancy Church is a travel guide geared specifically towards water adventurer tourists. .
  • “The Nature of Cape Cod” by Beth Schwarzman and Sandra Hogan McDermott is a travel guide for the outdoor adventurer. .
  • “The Outermost House: A Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod” by Henry Beston is a memoir which travelers can use to learn about local life in the area as experienced by an outsider who became an insider.    Great book. .