Waterton is a quiet park, by national park standards, and you don't have to go far to escape the crowds here. 

The Waterton townsite is beautiful, scenic and uncrowded; a friendly, welcoming, personable atmosphere is tangible throughout the community.  In fact, many of the local business owners have been in and around the park for 2 to 3 (sometimes even 4 or more) generations!  Feel free to talk to any local and ask about some of the history in the area! 

Within the townsite itself, there is plenty of shopping: there are several gift shops that feature clothing, books, and souvenirs; there are ice cream parlours, and a chocolate shop; there is an art gallery and a small museum; there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, and there are various options for nightlife, too (choose from the more casual, laid-back Fireside Lounge that often features live music, the bar-style Thirst Bear Saloon).  

Outside of the town's two main commercial streets, the area features many very old buildings.  If you are into architecture, it is interesting to just stroll or drive around the townsite and check out some of the beautiful old buildings. 

You can check out Cameron Falls which is right in the corner of the townsite. An easy walk up a short path allows you to see the falls from the top for a different perspective. 

There is the shoreline cruise which takes you on an approximately two hour trip down Upper Waterton Lake. The tour itself features  commentary bylocal tour guides who truly know the area and offer an excellent introduction to the national park.  You can disembark at the Goat Haunt Ranger Station at the extreme south end of the lake. The ranger station is in Montana and is the only place you can cross the Canada/USA border without clearing customs (but if you do happen to have your passport, the friendly customs officers would be delighted to provide you with a souvenir Mountain Goat passport stamp!). After about a half hour stop, the boat heads back up the lake to the townsite. There is plenty of opportunties for wildlife sightings on the cruise as well.

The Akamina Parkway has many picnic areas en route. At the end of the road is Cameron Lake. You can rent a canoe or kayak and go out on the lake. Grizzly Bear and Moose are often spotted on the south shore, so make the most of your boat rental, or use the telescope that is available in the parking lot.   

A second scenic drive in the park goes to the Red Rock Canyon. From here, you can do an easy hike to Blakiston Falls, about a half-mile one way. The Red Rock Canyon road is a great spot for bear sightings, from the safety of your car, especially once the berries are ripe in August!

Two other notable scenic drives include the Chief Mountain International Highway (a great option to travel between Waterton and Glacier National Park, MT., or just to take a short, scenic drive), and the Bison Paddock, just north of the Park Kiosk Entrance on Highway 6. 

If you're up for an amazing hike, there is always the Crypt Lake trail, rated the #1 hike in Canada many years in a row. Although it is phenomenal, it can be a bit of a grunt. It is 9 km (5 1/2 miles) one way and goes up 670 meters (2200') in elevation. If you are an experienced hiker and in good physical condition, though, this hike is strongly recommended.

Pat's of Waterton has bike rentals (that you can take on the numerous bike trails and paths), as well as mopeds and the always-fun, 4-wheeler surreys.  Pat's also rents plenty of other equipment and sells practically anything that you may have forgotten at home (including fishing equipment, camping gear, food, souvenirs, clothing, etc.). 

There is a beautiful 18-hole, Stanley Thompson-designed golf course just outside of the townsite, which features a full clubhouse, restaurant, and proshop.  And don't forget that there is Alpine Riding Stables right across from the golf course.

Within 50 km (30 miles) of the park boundary, there are many other activities, too.  Just look around!  This is just to prove that Waterton and area offers a whole lot more than just hiking, which of course is some of the most beautiful hiking in the world.