Grande Cache really has some of the wildest, most untamed mountain wilderness you will find anywhere. Hiking, biking, horses, and every kind of paddling is just the start. The amount of adventure you can have is limited only by enthusiasm and abilities. This is real off-the-beaten path country; so common sense will be needed to make sure your adventure is epic, but not insane.

If you haven’t already checked things out online, your first stop should be the Tourism & Interpretive Centre. Here you will find all kinds of brochures and maps, plus friendly and informative staff who will help you sort out the details. Parked outside is the blue bus from the local rafting company with tours departing daily. 

Outdoor Adventure Activities in Grande Cache

And here’s the coolest thing about Grande Cache’s wild spaces: there’s no crowds, in fact its common to never see anyone else on the trail. And everything is close by; within 15 minutes of town there are enough trail heads and paddle spots to keep you busy for weeks. Pack your hiking boots, stow your paddle and get that cowboy hat on, there’s adventure to be had!