Driving:  Please note that seat belt use is mandatory in Ontario.  Distance is measured in kilometres - one kilometre is equal to  .62 of a mile.  The speed limit for most city driving is 50 km/hour (31mph), while highway driving ranges from 80 km to 100km/hour (50-62mph).  Gasoline is sold by the litre (one U.S. gallons equal to 3.785 litres). To calculate the U.S. price per gallon, multiply the Canadian price per litre by 3.78.  Police radar detectors are illegal in Ontario.

There are 3 municipal parking garages and 28 off-street parking lots in the city, as well as streetside parking meters, making for a total of about 5,000 parking spaces.

The City of Windsor Transit Authority provides fixed route bus service to Windsor International Airport on Weekdays with Route Walkerville 8.  Along with conventional City service, Transit Windsor provides transportation between downtown Detroit and downtown Windsor. Special buses for games and events at Comerica Park and Ford field are available.  Transit Windsor also offers charter service.