Getting to Windsor is easy.  You can fly into Detroit Metropolitan Airport or directly into Windsor Airport.  Detroit Metro Airport is actually closer to downtown Windsor than most major airports are to their own downtown--about 30mins from DTW to Downtown hotels.

Windsor also has a VIA Rail station about a 4min drive from the heart of downtown.  Less than a $5 cab ride.  This is the beginning of the Windsor to Quebec City rail corridor that goes through London, Toronto, and Montreal.  If you take the train, pay the extra money and go VIA 1 (like first class) because you get great food and booze and special service so it is worth the extra dough.

There is also a Greyhound station if you like to go by bus.  The terminal is in the heart of downtown.

By car from the U.S., the I-75 traveling North or South can take you right to the bridge or tunnel and there is good signage posted if you watch for it.  Windsor is located about 4 hours from Cincinnati, 2.5 hours from Cleveland, 45 minutes from Toledo, 5 hours from Buffalo, 3.5 hours from Columbus, 5 hours from Indy.

It is suggested that citizens of the US read the information contained in the traveller article "Canada: Crossing the Border"