Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada, at a latitude similar to parts of Northern California. Therefore, it has some of the mildest weather in the country. However, for many visitors, that still may not be saying much.

Though the city is in the immediate proximity of prominent lakes and rivers, it is still deep in the interior of the North American landmass, making for a continental climate with distinct seasons. Temperatures in the winter frequently dip below freezing, and an average of 107 cm (42 in) of snow falls yearly from December to April. This amount of snow, however, is still significantly less than most other parts of Canada.

In the summer, the weather is quite warm, with highs of about 30°C (85°F). According to The Atlas of Canada from the Canadian government, Windsor is also the country’s most humid city, thanks to its large bodies of water. Short and sudden thunderstorms are frequent, and strong tornadoes from the American Midwest sometimes make it to this city, causing flooding and other problems for Windsor residents.

Spring and fall are generally the best time to visit, as the weather is cool and storms are infrequent. There will still be plenty of spring showers, though, so bring an umbrella and waterproof shoes.