Toronto has a number of great places for special occasions. When deciding the best place to suit the needs of your individual function, factor in location, size of group and flavor of the particular restaurant.

North 44:   At Yonge at Eglinton, it's very north indeed from most of the action, but it is worth the trip.  One of the few places that graduated from expensive hip place to institution, this place is still one of the most expensive and nicest places in the city.  Mark McEwan is one of Canada's best chefs and this place still rocks.

George:  This is in a loft building on the east side of town, and it also does the tasting menu thing.  The food is great, the decor is nice, and it too is very expensive.

The Fifth:  I mentioned it also in my Outdoor dining article on this site, but inside or out, this restaurant is one of the most romantic spots in the city.  On the top floor of a loft building that houses two nightclubs, this place feels glamourous and urban and the food is amazing.

CanoePerched high up in the TD Tower, this is an expensive restaurant with an amazing view.  A little bit 'business'-y but still a very nice special occasion night out.   

Cafe Nervosa:  A great, hip Italian place in Yorkville, it's not necessarily that romantic a spot in general, EXCEPT they have ONE table on a tiny balcony just over the front door!   You are all alone on this balcony overlooking Yorkville Ave.  The other two balconies are busy and crowded but this special one that almost no one seems to to know about is perfectly romantic!   

Donatello's: A great little spot for special occasion dining, whether it be a romantic dinner for two or a gathering for a small number of people. The atmosphere at Donatello's works, regardless of if it's a birthday, anniversary party or other special celebration. It is very romantic, relaxing and a fine place to unwind and enjoy an evening out. The service is excellent, the food delicious and as well, there is a nice choice of wine, desserts and coffees. Their specialty is Italian and they definitely know how to do Italian. Their recipes are memorable and after dining there once you will be charmed, and yearn to go back for your favorite dish, which could be a toss up between the spaghetti 2000, the fettuccine alla panna or one of their other amazing dishes.

Terroni's:  A fabulous Italian restaurant for a more casual occasion. Each one of Its three locations in Toronto can comfortably handle a small gathering. The food at Terroni's is genuine Italian, as is the ambience. The Queen Street location has a patio which is perfect for a romantic evening. The service is fantastic, friendly and fast. They have a variety of dishes, including pizza and several different types of pastas, plus desserts to die for.

Zorro's: Another first class restaurant, if you are near the Toronto airport for a reunion or any type of special occasion, It is extremely elegant and appealing for an intimate dinner or a larger group. The seafood and steaks are of top quality and although this restaurant is not low priced, it is an outstanding steakhouse for a get-together.

The Old Mill: Located in a lovely area of the city. It has the most pleasant atmosphere for a family gathering. Thanksgiving and Easter are two special occasions, that the Old Mill restaurant offers an elaborate smorgasbord. The buffet has a wide choice of foods and the presentation is very impressive with attention given to the finest of details. Many families unite at the Old Mill over and over again, to share special dates and events. Booking early is preferred to avoid disappointment.