Walk T.O. is the Toronto's alternative walking tour company.  Whether you're a lifelong Torontonian or a visitor, its three city walks will unveil great stories you've never heard. Walk T.O. specializes in group tours, booked in advance - and they can tweak their walks to fit your group's interests.  The Art & the City Tour takes visitors through Toronto's bustling Financial District to show them the best public art in the city — from secret gardens, to a modern light sculpture, and elephants in a hidden courtyard — this art and architecture walk is one you won't forget.

All of their tours are designed by two Torontonians: Michelle Galea, a Toronto teacher and lifelong citizen, and Toronto journalist, Crystal Luxmore. Walk T.O.'s guides are passionate, university-educated experts on the things that make Toronto tick.

The Nutshell Tour kicks off at the St Lawrence Market

The Revitalize This! The Urban Geography Tour showcases Toronto's true story - the story of a diverse city that tries to make room for everyone. This tour looks at two neighbourhoods which share the same early history but look very different today: Regent Park and Cabbagetown. Learn about how urban planning guru Jane Jacob's principles come to life in Victorian Cabbagetown, and why they were forgotten in old Regent Park, then get up-close to one of the world's largest urban regeneration projects in new $1 billion Regent Park and judge for yourself if this set of urban planners is getting it right.

The Villages & Vagabonds Walking Tour takes streetcar and foot to explore Toronto's eclectic neighbourhoods 

Finally the Toronto the Green Tour is a two-hour walk that takes an honest look at the city's recent efforts to become sustainable, climbing on top of a green roof and sorting the environmental heroes from the eco-zeroes. 

One of the green rooftops you'll see on Walk T.O.'s Toronto the Green Walking Tour