Tips for seeing a game at Rogers Centre (SkyDome)

Buying Tickets 

You can buy tickets online, over the phone, or from the box office at Rogers Centre.  (Note that SkyDome has been renamed Rogers Centre, though many locals and a few signs still refer to it by the old name.)  Depending on who's playing, good tickets may still be available just before the game.  If you buy online, you can print tickets at home or reserve your tickets and pick them up when you get to the dome. Be sure to look at the Blue Jays schedule for what nights/days they are playing at home.

Where to sit is pretty much a question of how much you want to spend.  Everyone has their favorite places, but ideally you want a good view of both the field and the main scoreboard (located in the centre of the outfield).  Tickets are generally more expensive for being lower down and close to home plate.  Upper deck seating usually gives a great overview of the field, but of course you're farther from the action and may not be a good choice for those who don't like heights.

Seats between home plate and third base offer good views and don't bake in direct sunlight in the late afternoon. Some people like to sit in the outfield areas so they have a chance for catching a ball.  Look at the website for seating areas and prices.  And, oddly enough, in most sections the price is the same in row 1 and row 30, even though the row 1 seats are clearly better.

Ticket scalping is not legal in Toronto -- it's even against a local bylaw to sell tickets on the sidewalk below face value. Walking around the dome before a game, though, you'd swear it's legal. There are plenty of scalpers openly hawking tickets. It seems enforcement is pretty rare.  Unfortunately, it's true that scalpers often have seats closer to the field than the box office -- those lower row seats are largely held by season ticket holders who may sell off some of their games.

Going to the Game 

Public transit is by far the best way to the game.  Rogers Centre is about a ten minute walk from Union Station (served by the TTC and GO Transit), either outdoors (follow the CN Tower) or via the indoor SkyWalk (this is temporarily closed) from Union Station's ground level.  If you do drive, leave extra time for traffic (especially with the traffic this year due to the Pan Am Games construction), and expect to pay "event rates" of up to $25 for parking.

Wherever you sit, they'll be happy to sell you beer and hot dogs at your seat or at the concession stands around the concourse. The hot dogs/sausages on a bun are better and cheaper from the street vendors outside the Rogers Centre, so you may want to try them first.

Note: The original information for this page came from a thread in the TripAdvisor Toronto forum.