Toronto is a great place for Salsa dancing. There are various dance clubs and social outings. Here are some places to consider for salsa dancing while in Toronto:

Monday nights: Allycatz night club.

Located in the Yonge and Eglinton area in the upper part of downtown Toronto. This place is pretty small and does not attract too many people but still they play salsa and it's ok to go to.

Tuesdays: 6 Degrees night club. (It has been closed since January 2014)

Also located at Yonge and Eglinton area this was a large club that used to play live salsa music and DJ music. There was plenty of Salsa and some Batchata. This club was packed on Tuesdays and there were some good dancers. Cover charge was $10 and there were paid parking lots close by. They used to play good music but again it used to get real packed on Tuesday nights.

Wednesdays: Babaluu Supper Club.(It will be closed from mid March 2015)

There are real good salsa dancers here on Wednesday nights. Cover charge is about $10. The club is located in the fancy Yorkville district. This club is located on the lower level and easy to miss. It is located opposite the Four Seasons hotel. Recommend this club on Wednesdays and usually gets pretty busy around 11pm or so. You can find some of the best dancers in the city here and there are plenty of real good "On2" dancers here (along with other dancers). There are salsa lessons most Wednesday evenings by one of Toronto's top salsa dance schools. Check them out and learn some fancy moves before dancing all night.

Friday nights: Social Dance Spot

There is a great Friday night Salsa social every week at "Social Dance Spot" dance studio located on St. Clair Avenue and Dufferin Street area (1209 St. Clair Ave West). This is a leading Toronto dance school specializing in Latin Salsa (LA, Cuban, Rueda, On2 etc), Balroom and hip-hop dancing that has a salsa social every Friday. They play a mixture of Salsa and Batchata. Most people go here for a great night of social dancing  (Cuban salsa) and Batchata. The people are real friendly and you can also do some Casino Rueda here. This is one of  the favorite places to go social dancing in Toronto.

Saturdays: Lula lounge

Located in the west end of Toronto and has a live band. The floor is slanted and the club is located in a shady part of town, but never the less they play good salsa music and a more Latin flavour here.  You can expect the cover charge to be at least $15, more if it is a special night.

You can also try El Rancho on Saturday. This club is located downtown Toronto close to "Little Italy". This club plays Salsa, Batchata and other Latin hits and caters to an older crowd. It's known to be "meat market" or a pickup joint and does not really cater to the better dancers.

Sundays: Babaluu Supper Club in the Yorkville district or Dovercourt house. Dovercourt house has weekly salsa socials and they typically get pretty good dancers. Dovercourt house is located at 805 Dovercourt Road  Toronto.


Hope this article helps and enjoy dancing Salsa in Toronto.