Several townships and villages amalgamated and incorporated as the city of Mississauga in 1974. Mississauga is now recognized as Canada 's 6th largest and fastest growing major city, with a population of 695,000 residents representing cultures from around the world.

The area was formerly the home of the Mississauga First Nation. White settlers began to occupy the area after the Toronto Township was formed in 1806. Largely agricultural, the area grew in population because of its good farmland and timber stands.

Mississauga is home to Lester B. Pearson ( Toronto ) International Airport and the greatest concentration of major highways in the country. Local public transit is linked to Toronto and other neighbouring cities, offering a comprehensive network of bus, subway and commuter train routes.

Recognized for being the safest city in Canada, Mississauga is known as a major focal point for commercial activity, rich in arts, cultural facilities, parks, entertainment, and nightlife.

Full of tremendous shopping opportunities and home to Square One, Ontario 's largest mall, Mississauga is the place to shop till you drop. With over 481 parks and woodlands with serene tranquil settings, lakefront parks, world class sport and recreational facilities for all interests, Mississauga attracts residents and visitors alike.     

The City of Mississauga covers an area of 105.7 sq. miles / 273.9 sq. kilometres.

Some content referenced from The City of Mississauga website