Victoria is such an easy city to navigate as a pedestrian, that shopping can be a leisurely and fun activity to be done on foot, allowing you to see the city while strolling from shop to shop. 

Victoria has many small specialty shops that appeal to tourists and natives alike but like most other major cities, it also has a million tourist-trap shops selling cheap knick-knacks from Taiwan, etc. The Government Street Promenade has some great items, if you can find them, like fine china, real Native art, and Irish linen. But you’ll have to wade through the chintzy touristy stuff to find these things on Government Street.

Market Square and the Old Town District have beautiful old buildings while also featuring modern shopping opportunities, making this an interesting area to wander.

Antique Row on Fort Street, stretching 3 blocks between Blanshard and Cook Streets on the eastern side of downtown, has excellent quality British antiques. (You can also find a good deal of Pacific Northwest Native art in Victoria). 

Make sure to check out the many authentic Cowichan Indian items to be found in Victoria, as well as thick and beautifully-knit woolen sweaters, leather moccasins, masks, moose-hide boots, soapstone and granite sculptures, baskets, jewelry, and more.