Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is 15 km or 9 miles from city centre (Granville and Georgia Streets). That’s only 20 minutes without traffic but often closer to 45 minutes by taxi. Most downtown hotels are close to city centre. See for transportation options that include metered taxis ($35), private sedans ($45), a North Vancouver shuttle service called Transroad (604-924-8888 or 1-866-31-TRANS or and stretch limousines ($53-81) including Aerocar . Prices include tax but exclude gratuity. Major credit cards are accepted by taxis, sedans and limousines. All are queued outside of the arrival gates. Updated fares are available at

Another option is the Canada Line train/subway to Vancouver City Centre at Granville and Georgia Streets. Check with your hotel for the closest Canada Line station. There are three downtown Canada Line stations: Yaletown-Roundhouse, Vancouver City Centre and Waterfront. The Canada Line airport terminal is across the street between Domestic and International arrivals. If you arrive from within Canada go to level 3 and follow the signs to Canada Line. If you arrive internationally you will see signs as you exit the Customs and Immigration area directing you to the Canada Line elevator and escalator. (See Vancouver Airport train photos.) The trains leave every 7 minutes during peak hours and every 15 minutes during off hours. They operate from approximately 05:00 to 01:00 and take 26 minutes to Vancouver City Centre Station. Cost is $9, or less with discounts for seniors and children or during off hours. Fares may be paid in cash or by credit/debit cards. Details for fare changes including how to reduce the fare by $5 with a purchase of a day pass or a book of 10 tickets, scheduling changes and connecting transit are available at  The book of 10 tickets sometimes makes sense if there are many travellers or many subsequent transit trips. The $5 airport surcharge does not apply to these pre-purchased tickets. They can be purchased at airport newsstands or 7-Elevens. Locations are listed at