Kelowna is a great destination for any sports enthusiast--and options abound for every season.

  • Golfing -- There are a number of nine and eighteen hole golf courses in Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan Valley.
  • Biking -- There are a number of biking trails both within Kelowna and in the surrounding area. From thrilling mountain bike single-track trails in the surrounding hills to more leisurely paths around the city, there is a trail for a biker of any caliber.  The rail trail through Myra canyon crosses 18 spectacular trestles, completely rebuilt after the devastating fire of 2003.
  • Hiking -- A great way to get to know the scenery of the Okanagan Valley is by taking a hike through it. There are miles of trails that can take you through forests, past mountain streams, and all the while providing you with some fresh outdoors air.
  • Watersports -- Watersports abound in the waters off the beaches in Kelowna. Whether you want to jetski, waterski, parasail, wakeboard, or windsail, you will find the right activity for you. If bringing your own boat is out of the question, there are plenty of rental opportunities in Kelowna. Whether you're looking to rent a canoe, kayak, houseboat, or yacht, there is an outfitter that has a boat with your name on it.
  • Skiing/Snowboarding -- The mountains that surround the Okanagan Valley are the perfect place to spend a winter time vacation, especially if winter sports are your thing. Skiing, snowboading, snowmobiling, and other fun-in-the-snow activities are all available at one or more of the ski lodges that dot the nearby hills.
  • Zip Lining -- There are several companies near Kelowna you can find that offer this activity. Oyama Zipline is a full-on fast downhill zip course 7 different ziplines, rope bridges and tandem racing lines. ZipZone in Peachland offers 6 lines crossing a canyon. WildPlay offers short ziplines, a ropes course, and the primal swing.