Mountain biking in the Crowsnest Pass is slowly getting the recognition it deserves! From rolling, rambling, cross-country rides to heart-in-your-throat, crazy-fast, winding downhills, this place has something for everyone in your group.  

 Easy: A fun and easy ride, suitable for families would be the paved trail along the Crowsnest River. This is a flat, paved trail that follows the river from the west end of town beginning at the campground in Blairmore and dipsy-doodles along, ending at the west end of Frank.  Along the way are signs pointing out birds and fish native to the area, as well as benches and garbage barrels if you happen to be walking...and littering!

 Moderate: Allison/Chinook Lake trail system is hilly and rolling with nothing too scary but some fantastic scenery.  This is a superb network that is great in winter for cross-country skiing as well.  Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it on the small beach at the lake.  Bring lots of water too, as there's no convenience store out here! There are trail maps at many intersections, so you can't get lost.

 Challenging: Good Riddance is a free rider's dream with sturdy stunts that channel your inner 'Tinker Juarez'.  Cross the cattle guard by the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre and follow the road up to the meadow/clearing. The quad trail to your right leads up to the trail head and it's all downhill from there! Trail ends in Bellevue's Firemen's Park. Head into town for ice cream at the Old Dairy.

 More Crowsnest Pass trails can be found on Google Earth.