Zipolite is a very casual, rustic village about two miles NW of Puerto Angel, situated on a very beautfiul  mile long beach with picturesque rocky areas at both ends. The water is warm, very pleasant, but swimmers should be careful. There are shops in the village that carry items that appeal to tourists. Most of the restaurants are strung out along the beach, and are best approached with liesurely intentions as that will be in harmony with the service. Perfect prescription for the hurry and impatience of the outside world. Just relax, order, relax again, eat and drink with languor, hang out, no one will hurry you, not rush to give you the check, its a learning experience in the art of relaxation, as is everything else on the Oaxaca coast.

The next beach to the NW, Playa Augustillo, is similar, just as beautiful,  but is safer for swimming due to a natural breakwter.   Further NW is a turtle museum and a crocodile sanctuary.  Do not miss them!