Shared & Private Round Trip transportation to & from the SJD airport and Cabo San Lucas (Medano Beach hotels in Cabo ... not other destinations!)  

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·     Note: it is less expensive to the Tourist Corridor (Zone 2) or to San Jose Del Cabo (Zone 1).  Check prices on each company's website.

·     Prebook at least 24 hours before arrival.

·     If you decide to cancel your trip to Cabo, notify your transportation company at least 48 hours before arrival to request a refund.

·     All transfer companies will be OUTSIDE the terminal waiting for you with a sign for their company or your family name (private.)  Do not stop to talk with anyone in the terminal who says he represents your transfer company.  He does not; he is a timeshare salesman. Sometimes the timeshare agents will call out the name of your transportation company, trying to make you think they are part of the company; simply ignore them and continue walking to the warm Cabo air outside.

·     Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

·     Prices updated as of August, 2014; subject to change.  Although they are listed in USD, you can work out the appropriate payment with your chosen company.

·       As with everything in Mexico, negotiate the price among 2-3 vendors, and make sure the operators know you are doing your homework. The prices given here are the ones quoted on the websites.

·     Private transportation is usually a Chevy Suburban or large van; shared transportation is usually a 9 passenger van.  Private transportation can usually take 4 – 8 (sometimes 10-11) people for one price; ask! 

·     Tip is not included.  It is appropriate to tip any driver who goes out of his way to help you.

·     If you want to make a shopping stop on the way to your resort in your private transfer, arrange this in advance. The charge for waiting should be in the $20-$40 range. Mega, Costco, and Walmart are on the main highway. 

·     Check to be sure that your selected transfer company is allowed to provide transportation back to the airport; if you book round trip be sure to call them the day before you leave to confirm your reservation.  Some resorts have an agreement with the taxi group that allow only taxis to leave their property. Take caution with return trip "taxi vouchers" from your vendor. Negotiate directly with the van drivers (there are many) for a competetive rate back to the airport. Shared transportation will be in a taxi van either way.

Round trip to CABO SAN LUCAS (Zone 3), unless stated otherwise


All About Cabo Discounts  ~ Private only $160. Includes water & beer and one bottle of champagne.  

Airport Cabo ~ Private only $130.  Including cold beer 

Airport Transportation Cabo  Private only $160,  Optional stop at a grocery store for an additional fee. 

All-Ways Cabo Transportation ~ Private only $160, including a bottle of champagne or a round of beer and water. 

ALovelyTransfers ~ Private only $160, varies with vehicle.  Includess 30 minute stop at grocery store and beverages: beer, water, soft drinks.

Amstar DMC ~   private only $123 one way

Arcotransfer. ~ Private only $90 one way , Includes Welcome beverages: water, soft drinks, beer, if you need also have option of 40 min stop at store. No hidden rides, low prices..

Baja Ground Services, Inc.  (BajaOnly) ~ Be advised; there is NO relation with Cabo Ground Services. Private from $160 includes free 30 min. stop at store. Shared $40 (surcharges may apply).  

Best Day ~ Private $275, shared $84

Brown's Private Services ~ Private Only $160 complimentary beer or water. Stop at supermarket for an extra fee.  

Cabo Airport Shuttle ~ Private $135, shared $34   

Cabo Shuttle Services ~ Private $140 (includes grocery stop & beverages) and shared $45. 

Cabo Blue Transportation ~ private only $80 one way,  varies with vehicle   

Cabochefservices ~ Private only $116 one way including a welcome beverage: beer, soda, or water

Cabo Concierge ~ private only $90  one way, varies with vehicle

Cabo Ground Services ~ private $160 including a grocery store stop OR beverages, shared $50 (unconfirmed price)

Cabo Incredible Locations ~ private only $130.  Includes water, cold beer, & toll road. Larger vehicles available.

Caborelaxo Transportation ~ Private only, from $70 one way

Cabo San Lucas Tours ~ private $199 and shared $38.  They will book you with TransCabo. 

Cabo Transfers ~ private $160 and shared $42

Cabo Transportations ~ private only $130 includes 1 beverage each and grocery store stop  

Cabo Transportation Services~ Private only $150. Group rates available

Cabo Valet ~ private only $180 (unconfirmed price)

Cabo Wings ~ private only $166,  many sizes of vehicles available 

Cape Travel ~ private $160 (round trip only available on private, price varies with hotel and vehicle) and shared $17 one way (price varies with location in Zone 3)

Cielito Lindo Co.~ private only $136.50 . Cold beverages are included, but selection should be prearranged.  Also available for larger groups.  Also able to provide a van for those that may be mobility challenged.

City Tours in Los Cabos ~ Private only $130, larger vehicles available 

Class VIP Transfers ~ private only, contact for price  

Danny Reyes ~ private only, contact for price

Discovery Mundo ~  private only $86 one way includes courtesy beverages, and shared $33 

Dunes Tours & Travel. ~ private only, $180 includes cold beer or water

El Arco ~ private only $180, larger vehicles available. Includes one drink and 30 minute grocery stop Mega or Walmart (in San Jose del Cabo) or Walmart or Costco (in Cabo San Lucas.)

ElikerTransfer Los Cabos Private only $140.  Includes water or soda. Free Stop Grocery Store only to Round Trip Transfers   

Enterprising Travel ~ private $220 and shared $40, grocery store stop can be arranged with private transfer 

Fun Los Cabos ~ private $170 and shared $34.  This website contracts with TransCabo, cheaper to book through here than directly through TransCabo.  

Grayline Los Cabos ~ private $240 and shared $43 ~ private only $150, larger vehicles available.  Includes beer, water bottle, or soda and a 30 minute grocery stop (free grocery stop only included in round trip.) 

Los Cabos Airport Shuttle ~ private $90 one way and shared $34 round trip 

Los Cabos Express ~  private taxi from $85 one way and shared from $16 (only one way available) --> Bus company that sells seats on a large bus, usually wait for bus to fill, stops at many resorts along the way, usually a timeshare vendor rides with you; can purchase bus shuttle tickets at the terminal  $16 per person one way

Los Cabos In Style ~ private $160,Larger vehiclesavailable. (unconfirmed price)

Maxi Trips  private only $125, larger vehicles available

Nice Ride Cabo ~ private $145 and shared $51 per person (minimum 2 people for shared, so $102), includes water bottles, group transportation available.

R&R Transportations ~ private only $130.  Includes 20 minute grocery stop, and water & cold beer. 

Specialist Transportation ~ private only, contact for prices

Super Shuttle ~ private $175 and shared $23  

TransBaja ~ private $210 and shared $38

TransCabo ~ private from $226 and shared $45

Translobo Co ~ private only $150, larger vehicles available (unconfirmed price)

Transpeninsula Transfers ~ private only $170, larger vehicles available

TransPacifico ~ Private only  $195, larger van available. Costco/Mega/Walmart shopping stop optional. 

TransportationCabo ~ private only $180, including a welcome drink (beer & water)

TransportationForLess ~ private only $160, including refreshing drink beer & water Wi-Fi ( Mega/Costco/Walmart shopping stop)

Transportation In Cabo ~ private $180 round trip and shared $19 one way 

TransVIP ~  Private only $180

Trips Trips Cabo ~ Private only $130 

Turiscabos (AKA Cabo Transfer - singular) ~ Private $160 RT and shared $14 one way, limo service available

Viator ~ Private $240 Shared $41

Victor's Cabo Transportation  Private only $160,  includes welcome beverages and a stop at grocery store for no additional cost 

Taxi ~ $80 one way from airport for up to 4 people.   Purchase taxi “ticket” inside the terminal just before you exit the building.  Taxi prices are quite high in Los Cabos.

Booked with a package: some hotel booking sites include airport transfers as part of the package. One TA member received free transfers valued at $35 pp when booking with HotelBeds.

SuburCabos bus.  As you walk out the airport, turn left and walk about 5-7 minutes through a parking lot and along the main airport road.  Follow the road as it curves right and you will see a desert landscaped area with rocks, dirt and cactus.  Look in this area for a large indention in the road, large enough for a bus to pull over.  This bus looks like a school bus and is usually white with a green and orange stripe.  Pay the attendant 32 pesos.  This bus will stop many times through San Jose del Cabo and on to Cabo San Lucas.  The bus will not automatcally stop at the Puerto Paraiso Mall which is the only stop for Cabo San Lucas hotels.  Make sure you hit the stop button located near the back door of the bus as soon as you see the mall.  If you miss that stop, the bus will make a 30 minute loop and return to the mall. Expect the ride to take about 90 minutes. Note that return busses usually say “Aeropuerto” on the windshield.  Allow two hours for the return trip. 

Ruta del Desierto Bus.   70 pesos



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