Your stay in Los Cabos is  just like in other destinations.  Activities are provided by several companies,  each with different policies, procedures, payment methods, locations, etc. This becomes hard to control and can take of hours of your vacation while figuring out where to pay or make a voucher valid, or simply where these tour offices are located.

Water Activities

Most of the activities related to the ocean, are based in Cabo San Lucas between the "Medano Beach" and the Marina in Cabo, so let's start simplifying things.

Important question you have to ask

Where are you located?   Map

  • Medano Beach
  • Marina (API area)
  • Marina (Wyndham Hotel area)
  • Marina (Puerto Paraiso mall area)

Medano Beach can be reached easily using a taxi, or walking around the Marina going left when you are outside Puerto Paraiso Mall facing the water. Once on Medano Beach, you can't get lost.  There are several Activities Centers on the beach.  Walk until you find the one you are looking for.

Marina (API area), this part of the marina is the last one going all around Cabo's main street, near here is the Dolphinarium, good reference for asking, definitely not a short walk from Puerto Paraiso mall or Medano Beach.

Marina (Wyndham Hotel area), to reach this part of the Marina, take a taxi to "Wyndham Hotel" or a nearby spot. Walk through the shopping are around this hotel and you will reach the Marina without a problem. This part of the marina has many options for food and beverages. 

Marina (Puerto Paraiso mall area), the easiest one to find as the Puerto Paraiso mall is huge. To reach the marina, walk between Plaza Bonita mall & Puerto Paraiso mall, this is where the boat ramp is. 

Other Activities

These activities are different since they can be located anywhere in Los Cabos between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas or even beyond.  Ask for visible references or trust your transportation/taxi.


In all cases, ask this question, How far in advance should we arrive?  (You do not want the activity to begin without you!)
Some activities will require you to be between 15 and 45 minutes before the activity, make sure you know your provider's requirement.

All-in-one. Some visitors prefer to make all their activity reservations with one provider This doesn't mean you will be paying more; rather this results in one payment, one support team, all in one booking. Here are some companies that offer this service: Fun Los Cabos, Transcabo, Cabo San Lucas Tours, Cabo Planner, Earth Sea and Sky Vacations, among others. 

What to bring along. Make sure you are carrying what is required and comfortable (SUNBLOCK, appropriate shoes & clothing, water, gadgets, etc).

 Enjoy your stay!!!