When you visit Antigua and you want to get in touch with what makes this place tick, don’t miss the Antigua Dance Company shows.Founded by Veronica Yearwood in 1991, the company performs traditional dances such as Antigua and Caribbean Folk and West African dancing and modern Jazz. The idea of the company is make accessible the culture and the African heritage of both islands to locals and visitors .

HAMA, the short for couple composed by Howard and Mitzi Allen, is the island’s first production film company to produce a feature film: The Sweetest Mango, a romantic comedy based on the islands ways to understand love. The Caribbean, its culture , its folklore and everyday life have been the themes for their two following films: No seed, a more political film and Diablesse released in 2005.

If you happen to be in Carnival season in Antigua, you’ll be exposed to many spontaneous dance and music performances from the madness of j'ouvert morning through the highly choreographed and amazingly costumed parades right through to the adrenalin fuelled last lap.