Cancun has more to offer than just sandy beaches and trendy nightclubs. You will find a rich history of Mayan culture and archaeology at the Museo INAH, which hosts 47 showcases of jewelry, masks, skulls and even a hieroglyphic staircase dating back to the 6th century. Or check out the Mayan ruins at the tranquil Yamil Lu’um and in the Zona Arqueológica El Rey. The Xcaret theme park hosts exhibits on Mayan culture as well as rafting expeditions through the surrounding jungles and myriad flora and fauna to observe. From the top of the highest pyramid at the ruins of El Meco you can take in a spectacular view of the Chacmochuc Lagoon.

Those looking for a little more action might like to witness one of Mexico’s oldest traditions, the bullfight, or check out the Mexican rodeo at the Plaza del Toros downtown. Or relax and watch the folkloric ballet at the Continental Villas Plaza, where the Ballet Folklorico Nacional de Mexico-Aztlan performs authentic traditional dance in full costume.