Other Security Issues

Mexico City can be dangerous.   Certain precautions are necessary.  

Only use 'taxis de sitio'  to get around - these cabs need to be called by phone, the dispatcher will send one to your exact location and inform you what cab number is picking you up and record it.  Taxis de sitio are safe.  Do not hail cabs from the street.   This cannot be stressed enough.  Kidnappings are not uncommon.

Avoid wearing jewelry and expensive looking clothing on the street.  Stay in neighborhoods that are safe- there are many lovely, upscale areas throughout the city.   Major tourist sites are monitored by police and are safe (beware of pickpockets).   Stay on well lit, main streets where other people are walking, day and night.  Do not venture into unknown areas of the city or walk down empty sidestreets.  

Be aware of your surroundings entering and exiting buildings and cars.

Be very careful crossing streets - many of the main thoroughfares now have crosswalk signals that count down the seconds until traffic starts up again, but pedestrians should always be wary.

As a rule the food and water in Mexico City are safe, especially in hotels that cater to tourists.  Avoid street vendors.

The violence relating to the drug trafficking problem in Mexico has not yet reached Mexico City.  Always check the State Department's travel advisories before your trip.