Follow in the footsteps of Mexico's most iconic couple:

A good place to start is the combined house/studio they built in San Angel in 1930 and which they shared for much of their life together. It's actually two houses linked by a bridge. Not far away, in Coyoacan, is the Casa Azul, where Frida was born (1907) and died (1954). After her death, Diego built Anahuacalli, mainly to house his collection of pre-Columbian art. This is where he died in 1957. Works by both artists are in the Dolores Olmedo Museum: she was a major patron and her home is as much a shrine to herself as to her favoured artists.

Diego first met Frida in the early 1920s (check) while he was working on his murals at the Secretariat of Public Education. Later he painted her and her sister as revolutionaries in a mural on the staircase of the Palacio Nacional. She is also seen holding the hand of a young Diego in the mural known as Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda and now in the Museo Mural Diego Rivera. In return, Frida painted Diego in several of her famous self-portraits: Diego en mi Pensamiento (Diego in my Thoughts) is in the Muros Museum in Cuernavaca, an easy daytrip from Mexico City. Works by both artists are also in Mexico City's Museum of Modern Art.