Also called San Juan de Dios, this market is large and has a couple of floors of merchandise.  There are many floors and about anything you want.  Many of the stalls featured cowboy hats and boots, as well as other leather goods. On the second floor, one can find many places to sample the local foods, such as freshly-prepared tacos (not like the ones you get at home) and other delicious foods.  The produce section is a joy to visit - the aromas of fresh vegetables and peppers fill the air, but if you're squeemish, stay away from the fresh meat section as you may view parts of the animal you don't want to see, and it's kind of smelly.  Apples can be bought while inside to feed the horses waiting on their next passengers outside of the market.  Also, the entrance to the rail system is there.  Do take a ride on it as it is very clean, and protected by security guards.  Cross the bridge outside the market and take a left, cross the street to find many stores with inexpensive silver jewelry.  The silver inside the market is much higher.  Also be sure to visit the church of San Juan de Dios on the other side of the market. The Plaza de Marachis is next door and they play there usually all Saturday nights.