For larger game you will need to allow a full day as you will be going out between 30 and 40 miles so there is some boat travel involved. November is considered the best month of the year in Puerto Vallarta for Marlin, Sailfish, and Dorado. This does not mean the other months are not good it is just not the peak of the season. There are many good charter companies around, one thing that has proven to be helpful in the past is to take a trip to the docks around the time you are thinking of going around 3pm or so and look for the boats which have the most flags on the signifying their catch of that day, speak to the representative or crew and make your decision. There are three important factors you should consider when selecting a boat and crew (1) make sure you have an experienced skipper and mate (2) opt for a fast boat which suits your needs, the sooner you get out there the sooner you are fishing (3) try to get a live bait tank on your boat. make sure all licenses and fees are included in your quote, beer and lunch is negotiable. For smaller game there are half day trips available inside the bay. Tight lines.

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