It would be all too easy to spend and entire week in Mazatlan and never leave the beachfront area of the hotel.  For some, lounging in the sand and soaking up the sun is all it takes to satisfy.  Even for the active visitor, the surf and sand offer plenty of activities to stimulate both the mind and body, as well as charge the system with adrenaline.  But there are many things to see and do, which have absolutely nothing to do with the ocean.  The most enjoyable trips are often ones that combine both ocean and inland activities. 

             Aside from working on a golden brown tan, Mazatlan’s ocean side is full of great activities.  For the more adventuresome person, there are opportunities to ride jet skis and wave runners, go on banana boat rides, boogie board, parasail and scuba dive.  For a bit less adrenaline, try snorkeling, kayaking or sail boating.  The area also has a great deep sea fishing industry, and organized tours are readily available. 

             Compared to the beachfront, inland activities are just as plentiful and equally enjoyable.  With great golf courses and tennis facilities, the active tourist will be kept busy.  There are many walking tours through town, providing cultural information to stimulate the mind.  Horseback riding is another great option for spending a few hours or the entire day.

             There are many spectator sports in Mazatlan, but two in particular that will interest the first time visitor.  As one of the oldest ball games in the world still plated today, watching a match of Ulama should not be missed.  Bullfighting on the other hand is equally as interesting, but definetly not for the faint hearted.

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