Mazatlan IS Paradise - This book, by Charles A Hall is the only book written for travelers about a specific city in Mexico. Anyone traveling to Mazatlan should read it prior to departure. It answers just about any question that has been asked on the Trip Advisor forum. It also provides information about retiring in Mazatlan, doctors, dentists and vets to go to. He recommends the best places to tour, stay, and eat. Instructions on how to get married in Mazatlan, as well as what to do if a loved one is seriously ill or dies in Mazatlan. If you are considering being a snow bird or expat in Mazatlan he provides step by step advice. There are special chapters about history and customs in Mazatlan that are very interesting. The book can be purchased on line.


Mayhem in Mazatlan - D. Reynolds: After Vicky's husband the stockbroker (Ralph), sold their home and fled to Mazatlan with a coworker, Vicky enlists the help her friend, the widower Paul, to pose as Ralph and help her land a job. At her new boss' invitation, Vicky and "husband" Paul surprise Ralph at his Mazatlan hotel only to discover him dead. Lisa is nowhere to be found and they get arrested.