All along the Pacific Coast there are nightlife opportunities.  The main ones however are found in the four major tourist destinations: Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco.

            The nightlife scene in Mazatlan can be high energy and rowdy, or laid back and mellow.  Knowing the right places to go is the key to finding the desired atmosphere.  The mellow crowd will want to stick to the many restaurants offering live entertainment, the piano bars, or even the venues offering mariachi performances.  The rowdier crowd should head towards the clubs, discos and bars of the area.  Visit Nightlife in Mazatlan for a general overview.  Or, check out the Trip Advisor Mazatlan page.

            For information about the nightlife in Nuevo Vallarta, check out the Trip Advisor Nuevo Vallarta page . 

            Puerto Vallarta is much like Mazatlan, offering a wide variety of nightlife opportunities.  Once again, it is important to know where to go in order to find the desired atmosphere for a night out.  Check out Frommers Page for an overview of the scene.  Or check out the Trip Advisor Puerto Vallarta page for detailed information. 

            Acapulco nightlife is all the rage.  The town is known for its all night partying and up beat atmosphere.  For more information, check out the Trip Advisor Acapulco page.