There is lots of information about the Pacific Coast available online, and should be looked at by anybody planning a trip to the area.

            The four major tourist destinations along the Mexican Pacific Coast (starting from the north) are Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco.  Each of these destinations (except Nuevo Vallarta) has websites dedicated to providing valuable information for tourists visiting the area.     

            The Mazatlan Travel Guide Website is the best place to begin doing research on this area.  This site provides useful information for anybody planning a trip to this resort town including travel info, weather info, lodging info, activity info and more. 

            Nuevo Vallarta is a relatively small area that has fairly recently begun catering to tourism.   Because of this, there are no sites dedicated exclusively to this area.  Some useful sites providing brief information about this town are Nuevo Vallarta Maps, Virtual Vallarta and Vallarta Info.

            Two great sites providing detailed information about Puerto Vallarta, including travel info, accommodation info, lodging info, and dining info are Visit Puerto Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

                    None of the above mentioned sites will provide all of the information that a visitor might need, but they are good starting points.