Lo de Marcos is a small pueblo about 8km south of Rincon de Guayabitos and 16KM north of the town of San Pedro (San Francisco). It is totally rural Mexico and is popular with Mexican vacationers from Guadalahara. You will find it busy during Xmas break and spring break, otherwise it is very quiet.

The attraction is of course the beach,: a couple of miles of shifting sand in a lovely curving bay. The south end is safer for bathing, yet many do tackle the rip currents that constantly change the look of the beach. The sand too changes with the tides and one day you will find an area of soft sand which will vanish the next day or move up the beach to another area. Not to say the sand is not nice, it is just different each day.

The town area of the beach is where you'll find the safest palapa restaurants and you can eat and drink at a reasonable price compared with Puerto Vallarta. Restaurants are sparsely dotted through town and you will find a favourite quite easily.

There are a few tiny hotels which are quite acceptable and one larger hotel which also has a restaurant out back, frequented by the long term RV crowd. There is a large RV park which is popular with French Canadians and a few smaller ones that are popular with the RVers from BC. You will find 2 or 3 RV parks right next the beach which must be booked a year in advance. That will tell you how popular the place is.

The El Caracol RV park and bungalows are very reasonable and very quiet. They lock the gates at 9pm, so make sure you are back by that time or you may hava a hard time finding anyone awake to let you in.

The road that parallels the beach leads to two tiny beaches, but access may be soon be impossible since a resort could be built there in the near future. Better get there quick if you want a taste of Mexico's best kept secret.