This is the lowest part of the low season. The Hotelito, which is open year-round, will be closing for the second half of September to get ready for the high season, which starts Oct 1 or Nov 1, depending on whom you ask. It's still great to be here, but people who come this time of year may want to know what's available.

First, a lot of restaurants and galleries are closed. Michael's at the art gallery won't open till Nov 1. Baja Beans in El Pescadero is open only on the weekends. Art & Beer, on the road between Cabo and Todos Santos, isn't open -- probably the only major disappointment of the trip. Other restaurants that are closed include Landi's and  La Esquina. The restaurant at Playa la Poza/la Chachora is also closed. Open are Tre Galline, La Sentena, Boyitaco, Los Adobes, Miguel's, and La Casita, among others. Brilanti jewelry stores are open, but most of the galleries in town are closed.

It's HOT there. Temperatures are in the 90's and 100's, and although this is the desert it's not dry heat. There's not much of a breeze unless you're at the beach, and sometimes not even then. Some restaurants have A/C, but not all. Possibly because of the heat, the flies can be bad.

The beaches are still wonderful and not a bit crowded -- almost empty, in fact.  The services at Playa Los Cerritos are open, so you can get an umbrella, food, drink, and surfing lessons.    

Have a great time in Todos Santos!