Dolphin Encounters, located on Blue Lagoon Island, is  one of the most exciting and intriguing tours available.

Visit the world famous dolphins of Blue Lagoon Island for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Cruise through Nassau Harbour on large, high-speed catamarans to the beautiful private island home of 18 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins - including the stars of Universal's movie Flipper! After an educational lecture about these amazing marine mammals, guests are escorted to their programs. Choose either the Swim-With-The-Dolphins program: a thirty minute swim where guests interact with the dolphins in their natural lagoon. Behaviours may include the kiss, hug, dance, hula and the exciting footpush. Or the Close Encounter where guests are waist-high in the water hugging, kissing, pettting and dancing with dolphins; or The Observer program where guests can observe both of th eprograms as well as enjoy the natural marine environment of this unique facility.

For the First time in the bahamas, Dolphin Encounters offers a thrilling Close Encounter with California Sea Lions.  Based on the highly successful and award-winning Dolphin interaction programs, the new educational and entertaining Sea Lion Encounter is your chance to experience sea lions live and up-close like never before.  This is an exceptional program.

Dolphin Encounters has received a Cacique Award which honours tourism's finiest from The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for their authentically Bahamian attraction. Dolphin Emcounters is also an accredited member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums and the International Marine Animals Trainers Association - both which promote the highest quality of care and treatment of animals.

 his activity is for people of all ages, from the little ones first adventure to parents and grandparents enjoying these delightful mammals.  Worth every penny.

Guests who purchase one the animal interactive programs (either a dolphin encounter/dolphin swim or sea lion encounter) receive FREE BEACH ACCESS to the Lagoon Beach and facilities.

Guests with FREE BEACH ACCESS have the option of:

(1)  Purchasing Lunch Package at $12.00 per person to include, 100% Angus Beef Burger, 100% Beef Hot Dog, Chicken Burger, or Veggie Burger, Chips, fresh fruit and 1 fruit punch person. Guests can also purchase water sports equipment and beverages as they wish.

(2)Guests may purchase the Add On Value Package at $30.00 Per Person, Ages 13 years and older and $20.00 per child ages 4-12 years  - 1 Grilled Lunch Per Person, choice of 100% Angus Beef, 100% Beef  Hot Dog, Chicken Burger or Veggie Burger, Chips, 1 Fruit Punch -  Unlimited Use of Big Boss Noodles, Unsinkable Float Mats and Inner-tubes - Use of Lagoon Beaches and facilities - Picnic Tables and Beach Chairs - Volleyball and Basketball - Hammocks etc.

Guests who do not wish to purchase an animal interactive program but want to enjoy the Lagoon Beach , they can purchase the following package  Beach Day package $45 pp Kids $35pp.

Free Access to Dolphin Encounters to observe fascinating dolphins and amazing sea lions and browse the souvenir shop

1 Grilled Lunch per person, choice of 100% Angus Beef Burger, 100% Beef Hot Dog, Chicken Burger or Veggie Burger, Chips, 1 fresh fruit, 1 fruit punch - Unlimited use of big boss noodles, unsinkable float mats and inner-tubes -  Use of Lagoon and Beaches -  Picnic tables and beach chairs -  Double Hammocks