If you are looking for a nice beach on Paradise Island, this one is it.  It is moderately crowded to completely empty. There is a public pathway to the beach next to the RUI hotel. take the  path through the trees over the hill and down the dune to the beach. .  This leads you to Cabbage Beach.  As soon as you crest the hill you see people haggling, selling drinks, renting lawn chairs, but if you look to the right, the beach is an open expanse where there are very few people.  This is truly  a beautiful white sand beach near the Atlantis Resort open to the public.

Since this beach is public, there are no lifeguards, no restrooms and no amenities except locals selling drinks etc.   Seas can get rough at times, and there is a drop off as the tide starts to go out.   During northwest seas, there's a rip tide as well, so be aware of the flags.  Yellow flag is caution, Red is no swimming.