There are several car rental companies at the Cyril E. King Airport including Hertz, Budget, and Avis.  You will pay a surcharge for the convenience of renting out of the airport vs. travelling to a nearby dealer.  Most dealers have cars ranging from compact to SUV, depending on your need/preference.  Thrifty, National, Dollar, and many local dealers (Discount Car Rental VI) also exist either on, or off, airport premises.

Of notable importance is the fact that you drive on the left.  This is a bit confusing at first, but after a few days, it comes quite naturally.  Intersections tend to be the biggest problem, trying to decide which way to look for oncoming traffic.  The island is mountainous with some roads being more well-maintained than others.  The roads are narrow in most areas and local drivers always seem to be in a hurry.  Many of the roads are very steep, sometimes even the lowest gear has trouble pulling you up and the smell of burning transmission indicates it is time for a rest.  Several high places are worth the trip, however, such as Mountain Top and Paradise Point.

Parking is available at all of the hotels and resorts and there is usually ample parking at all beaches for guests.  Coki Beach gets crowded in late morning, so you may want to get there either early or late in the day.  You will always be able to find a place to park, it just may be far away from the beach.  Downtown Charlotte Amalie can also be a challenge if you don't get there early.  There is parking at Fort Christian for a fee if you can't find parking elsewhere.  If you park in 30 min. parking areas for more than 30 min., you will be ticketed.  If you park on the dock side, you will be towed.  Taxis can park anywhere and do anything they want.  If you park in a taxi area, they will become very angry with you and use ugly words.

Speed limits are intended for tourists, no one actually goes 15 mph except them.  Locals will stop on a dime to pick up their friends, be prepared to stop anywhere at anytime.  They also stop to converse for extended periods so you will have to determine the difference before passing.

Do not be intimidated by driving here.  Yes, the roads are windy, steep, and poorly maintained.  And yes, there is a learning curve involved with driving on the left and learning the local rules of the road.  The freedom that comes with being able to go where you want when you are ready and explore and see all of this beautiful island is worth the trouble. 

 Tourism being majority of the Virgin Islands economy, most people make the salary by selling merchandise by Haven Sight or the waterfront. And then there are the taxi drivers. Coming off the Carnival Cruise Ship, the taxi drivers are like voultures fighting over food. So how to you avoid the voultures? That's easy, book a St Thomas Taxi online! There aren't than many taxi services that have a website but the ones that do, seems to be more courtious. For instance Presidential Taxi, they always do early pick up from the Airport ahead of schedule. Even if flight changes, they're still on time.

If you will be going out from your hotel occassionally, or prefer not to drive on the left, taxis are readily available.  Taxis are not metered so ask up front and note that the fare quoted is based loosely on a zone system and will be per passenger.  Most taxis are vans and may stop for additional passengers along the way to your destination.  This does not change your fare.  You will find that even at night your restaurant will have a taxi they can call for you and you will be on your way in few minutes.