Taxis have become more and more expensive in St. Croix over the past 3 - 4 years.  The drivers will honk and do everything they can to get your attention.  Taxis are not needed in Christensted to get around the downtown area.  If you want to save money and go to the grocery store for snacks and beverages negiotate with the driver on a price.  It should never be over $20 round trip.

The best advice is to contact your hotel in advance to set up your transportation to the hotel.  They can negotiate prices with the driver from the airport to your hotel.  Make sure you know the agreed upon price as the taxi driver could try to charge you more.

 Another way to best explore the Island of St. Croix is to rent a car for a day or a jeep for a week. Checkout fleets from one of the many reputable providers of cars and jeeps in St. Croix. Check with your hotel concierge or front desk to see which ones provide services to your hotel.

Wish someone had mentioned they drive on the LEFT side of the road!