St Croix is a diver's paradise.  From Christiansted Harbor along St. Coix's North Shore, to the west end, then south to Sandy Point at the Southwesterly most point on St. Croix there are approximately 50 dive moorings marking dive sites used by the islands 7 dive operators.  The dive shop operators formed a local organization ( to coordinate the placement and maintenance of these mooring balls.  Advertised as an island where you can dive a wreck, wall, reef and Pier all in the same day, or at a slower pace, all during the same vacation. 


Two dive operators disembark from the Frederiksted Pier:




One dive operator takes divers out from Cane Bay :

One dive operator takes divers out from Salt River Harbor/Marina:

Two dive operators take divers out from Christiansted Harbor :



At the present time Cane Bay dive shop operates a dive shop in the Pan Am Pavillion, on the boardwalk in Christiansted , at Divi Carina Resort on the South Shore and at Carambola Resort on the North Shore , in addition to their flagship store at Cane Bay . Anchor Dive shuttles divers to their shop from the Buccaneer Hotel. 

More about the diving on St. Croix :  Generally the dive sites from the Eastern most Scotch Bank sites to Little Cozumel are sloping reef, sand chute ledge dives.  Just west of Little Cozumel lies the Salt River Wall.  This is amongst the most popular and requested dive area on St. Croix .  It is a near vertical wall, dropping down in excess of 600 feet, which slopes out to several thousand feet in a very short distance. Beyond the Salt River wall over to Cane Bay is again sloping reef, dive sites.  At Cane Bay , the most popular dive site on St. Croix is the famous Cane Bay Wall.  Here, in approximately 40 feet of water the wall begins a steep drop to several thousand feet.   Reaching this ledge is an easy kick-out dive from the Cane Bay beach. There are two mooring balls marking the start of the sand chutes which lead divers directly to the wall. Similarly west at the Carambola Resort divers can do an easy kick-out from shore to hit this same wall.  The rest of the dive sites on West and South are most easily accessed by boat.  Although the Deep Wrecks are accessible via kicking out from Butler Bay , it is only for more advanced divers, as a kick-out dive.  Also in the same general vicinity as the deep wrecks and the shallow wreck dive sites is the Armageddon dive site. Armageddon is the remnants of the Frederiksted Pier which was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1988. It was loaded on a barge and deposited here.  The mooring for this site is at Truck Lagoon, the result of Hess Oil Company dropping several “no-longer-needed” vehicles off into the Caribbean .  All that remains are the chassis.  Makes for an interesting access to Armageddon!  There are several dive sites after this underwater junkyard, on to the South ending at Sandy Point .  The most ominously named dive site on St. Croix , The Swirling Reef of Death lies between the Frederiksted Pier and Sandy Point . To fully appreciate horrors of this site, you must dive it at night. Mystery awaits!