The weather on the islands is great year round. Lots of sunshine means that tourists tend to visit in the winter to escape the cold.   High season is generally from December to April, when prices for hotels are at their prime.

Because of the sun-loving crowds it's best to book your hotel in advance, as things do tend to fill up during high season.   Many regulars book rooms for the following season during their current visit.

In the off season the hotel prices drop by as much as 50% so if money is an issue than you may want to consider traveling during the summer months.   The temperature will be warmer and there's plenty of humidity in the summer months but there's also plenty of beach fun and water sports to keep you cool.   It's also a great time of year to not only save money but to travel and enjoy the island when it's a bit quieter and less crowded.

The temperatures average between 75 and 85 degrees F. for most of the year but during the summer months the temps can soar into the 90s.   Hurricane season runs from about mid June through November.   You'll see more rain in October and November but a tropical rain shower could pass through at any time of year.