Wild Flamingos

If you want to see wild flamingos on Provo, here's how. From the Leeward Highway, take the road to Blue Hills. Just before the road turns to gravel, turn right. There will be a newer subdivision with small homes all in various pastel colors. Take the road for about 1 mile...maybe less. Just as the road winds to the run right along the shoreline, there is a turn off on the left. It's the first left hand turn off and it's gravel. Take the bumpy road right along the shoreline. There is a place where a chain typically blocks the way. Park and keep walking for about 15 minutes. You'll pass small ponds and remnants of a small sand mining operation. Keep going past the old shack on the left. You'll see Northwest Point Resort far in the distance. Just beyond the shack, there will be a small hand-painted sign pointing to the left "Flamingo Pond." There are usually at least a few flamingos there but more than 14 were seen on a day in December 2008. It's not the most beatiful setting, but it's nice to see wild flamingos. Approach them slowly and keep noise to a minimum or you will startle them. On the way back, cross the short brush section and walk back along the beach. There is quite a bit of trash along the beach, but it's still quite beautiful.